Netherlands signs contract with GDELS for floating bridge systems

By Defence Industry Europe

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has announced the signing of a contract with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) on June 30 for the procurement of three floating bridge systems.

As per the ministry, the first system is scheduled to be delivered to the Dutch land forces (De Koninklijke Landmacht) at the beginning of 2025, with the remaining two systems expected to be supplied by GDELS within one year. Each of these newly ordered floating bridge systems will allow troops to establish a river crossing of 225 meters, according to a statement from the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

The acquisition includes pontoons and boats necessary for the transportation of bridge components over water. Additionally, a swap loading system for road transport and bridge adapter pallets for launching and hoisting the equipment into the water are also part of the purchase. Furthermore, the ministry has made an additional procurement of pontoons and boats for training purposes.



“With the new systems, the Ministry of Defense is replacing the outdated pontoon bridges dating from 1985. The new equipment is more suitable for higher water flow rates. The maximum load capacity is also greater. Reducing (engine) noise and emissions of harmful substances also contributes to the safety of personnel and the environment,” emphasized the ministry.



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