New Kormoran II-class minehunter handed over to the Polish Navy

By Defence Industry Europe

On December 21 the Polish Navy took over a new ship. This is a third Kormoran II-class (project 258) minehunter – ORP Mewa – produced by the consortium of Polish naval industry companies with Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard as a leader.

The other two members of it are the Research and Development Centre for Maritime Technology (OBR CTM) and PGZ Stocznia Wojenna. Both are subsidiaries of the Polish state-owned defence industry holding PGZ.

A contract for the production of two Kormoran II-class minehunters (including the ORP Mewa) was signed in December 2017.

Like its predecessor ORP Albatros, on which the Polish Navy’s flag was raised in November this year, it will serve to search for, identify and combat sea mines, carry out reconnaissance of waterways, guide other vessels through mine threat areas, lay mines and remotely control self-propelled mine countermeasure platforms.

In June this year, the consortium with the same leader and members signed a contract for the production of additional three Kormoran II-class minehunters.

The value of this contract is approx. 540 million euros.



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