Nexter delivers two CAESAR Mk1 self-propelled howitzers to DGA

By Defence Industry Europe

Defence company Nexter, a company of KNDS, has delivered two CAESAR Mk1 self-propelled howitzers to the French defence procurement agency DGA. This marks the beginning of the replacement of artillery systems that France had previously transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


As reported by Defence Industry Europe, France has supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a total of 18 CAESAR artillery systems.

To fill the gap in the French Armed Forces’ arsenal, the country’s defence procurement agency, DGA, has ordered 18 new guns from Nexter. The contract, valued at EUR 85 million, was signed in July 2022.

According to a DGA announcement published on social media, Nexter is set to deliver another four CAESAR howitzers to the French Armed Forces this year, with the remaining 12 guns to be supplied in 2024, as stated by DGA.



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