Norway donates military cargo carriers to Ukraine

Source: Ministry of Defence of Norway

Norway will donate approximately 50 tracked cargo carriers to Ukraine. "These are important to get supplies to areas where there are no roads," says Norwegian Defence Minister Bjørn Arild Gram.


The vehicle is tracked and is able to maneuver in terrain inaccessible for wheeled vehicles. Therefore, they are important supplement to wheeled trucks to transport goods. The cargo carriers can transport ammunition, food and water to Ukrainian troops in the field.

The vehicle is called M548 internationally, while the Norwegian version is designated NM199. The vehicles have been in storage in the Armed Forces, but are now being maintained. The carriers will be replaced through already planned projects.


320x250 – for mobile devices


Norway has previously donated a wide range of capacities to Ukraine, such as NASAMS ground-based air defence systems and main battle tanks. The government has also decided to donate F-16 combat aircraft.

“Ukraine still has a strong need for military support in the fight against the Russian invasion forces. Norway will continue to support Ukraine as long as needed,” says Norwegian defence minister.



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