Norway to buy MH-60R Seahawk helicopters

By Defence Industry Europe

The Norwegian government has decided to purchase new sea helicopters for the coast guard and armed forces, announced Norway’s defence minister Bjoern Arild Gram.

In accordance with the recommendation of the Norwegian defence chief, Norway will buy a total of six MH-60R Seahawks helicopters with deliveries in 2025-2027, the Ministry of Defence of Norway said in a statement.

“This will strengthen our national control, the military’s preparedness and our presence in the northern areas,” said Norway’s defence minister Bjoern Arild Gram.

The expected value of the future contract is NOK 12 billion (approx. EUR 1.06 billion). Norway wants to sign the agreement this summer.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Norway, the new helicopters first will go into service in the coast guard. Subsequently, MH-60 Sehawks in the Anti-Submarne Warfare (ASW) standard will be delivered to the Norwegian Armed Forces as well.

The new MH-60R Seahawks will replace the NH90 fleet that Norway abandoned last year.



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