OCCAR and MBDA sign second amendment to CAMM-ER missiles contract

By Defence Industry Europe, OCCAR

The second amendment of the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile – Extended Range (CAMM-ER) contract was signed at the Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) premises in Paris, France. This amendment marks a pivotal step in enhancing the operational capabilities of Italy's air defence systems.


The contract amendment was signed by Joachim Sucker, Director of OCCAR-EA, and Giovanni Soccodato, Managing Director of MBDA Italy. The revised agreement includes the development and implementation of new technical specifications for the CAMM-ER systems employed by the Italian Army and Air Force.

A notable enhancement includes the integration of a new Fire Control unit for the Army’s GRIFO system, aimed at improving command-and-control capabilities. This advancement follows the initial procurement contract awarded to MBDA on November 28, 2022, and further extended with the first amendment in October 2023.



These developments are part of the broader FSAF-PAAMS (Future Surface-to-Air Family – Principal Anti-Air Missile System) Programme, which aims to meet the strategic air defence objectives set by the Italian Ministry of Defence.

During the signing ceremony, Sucker highlighted the robust collaboration and energy within the stakeholder community, particularly praising the contributions from the Italian MoD and the dedicated teams within OCCAR and MBDA. This cooperative effort is essential in advancing the capabilities and effectiveness of Italy’s air defence infrastructure, ensuring ongoing support and enhancement of the FSAF-PAAMS participating states’ interests.



According to MBDA, CAMM-ER, the Common Anti-air Modular Missile – Extended Range, is from the CAMM family of latest generation air defence missiles, designed for land and sea in the Ground Based Air defence (GBAD) and Naval Based Air defence (NBAD) domains.

Incorporating advanced technologies, CAMM-ER provides complete protection against all known and projected air targets. CAMM-ER offers land based forces a highly effective and easily deployable, medium range air defence system, as part of the Enhanced Modular Air Defence Solutions (EMADS), capable of operating as either a stand-alone unit or integrated within a battlespace network



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