Poland purchases 116 M1A1 Abrams tanks from the US

By Defence Industry Europe

On January 4, an intergovernmental agreement was signed between Poland and the United States for the supply of 116 M1A1 Abrams, logistic support equipment, and ammunition for the Polish Armed Forces.

The value of a contract is approximately  USD 1.4 billion. Part of the cost (almost USD 200 million) of this order will be covered by the United States through the Foreign Military Financing programme. In September 2022 Washington approved the transfer of approximately USD 288,6 million to Poland in the form of non-repayable loans for the purchase of arms and military equipment from the US.

The Polish Ministry of National Defence has announced that the deliveries of M1A1 Abrams tanks to the Polish Armed Forces will start this year and will be completed by end of 2024.

Along with the 116 M1A1 Abrams tanks, Poland will also receive 12 M88A2 Hercules Recovery Vehicles, 8 M1074 Joint Assault Bridges, 6 M5777 Command Post Carriers, and 26 Next Generation Shop, Equipment, Contact and Maintenance Vehicles (NG SECMs) based on HMMWV vehicles. The contract also includes a “significant amount” of combat and training ammunition as well as a logistic and training package.




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