Quantum-Systems delivered first Vector ISR systems to the Dutch Ministry of Defence

Source: Quantum-Systems

The German company Quantum-Systems GmbH, an developer, designer, and manufacturer of advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS), announced the delivery of the first Vector systems to the Dutch Ministry of Defence (MoD), together with BSS Holland BV.

Founded in 2015, Quantum-Systems is at the forefront of UAS development. Its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) systems boast industry-leading flight endurance, ease of operation, and reliability. The 2-in-1 vertical take-off reconnaissance UAS, Vector provides long-endurance, versatility, and flexibility, exceeding the performance of conventional UAS platforms.

Vector streams live data in real-time using a Mesh IP encrypted data link with a range of 15+ kilometres. Equipped with advanced AI capabilities, the data assessment process of Vector, is supported by automatic detection, identification, and tracking algorithms, which provide on-the-ground tactical units with important safety and efficiency benefits. With a single flight time of 120 minutes, it is suited for applications such as ISR for enhanced situational awareness, area mapping, Search & Rescue (SAR), and convoy and VIP protection. Vector integrates dual electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) gimbaled sensors, enabling missions both, at day and night.

Established in 2008, BSS Holland concentrates on providing C5ISR and robotics solutions for challenging security and defense mission gaps. The collaboration with Quantum-Systems is focused on building future readiness for the Tactical Edge, helping professionals in the defense and homeland security organizations by providing state-of-the-art Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Quantum-Systems’  Vector & Scorpion 2-in-1 ISR system is part of the BSS Holland product portfolio since 2021.

BSS Holland supports the Dutch MoD with delivering, training, and providing service for their Light-Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems catalogue, by pre identifying systems suitable for the use of the MoD. The existence of the drone catalogue drastically reduces the extensive and thorough acquisition time procedures. The Dutch Ministry of Defense uses drones mainly for tasks in the field of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.


Supporting the Dutch Ministry of Defence with aerial data intelligence

The Dutch Ministry of Defence chose Vector as a preferred system due to its versatility, data protection and security capabilities, enabled by the AES-Encrypted mesh IP data link, which is optimized for tactical applications and delivers unprecedented performance in the most challenging environments. No further details on the quantity and timing of the deliveries will be given as agreed by all parties involved.

The real-time onboard data processing and the capabilities of QBase Tactical Mission Control software which can dynamically adjust the mission in flight, makes Vector the perfect UAS for a wide range of non-invasive aerial operations, allowing ground teams to orchestrate complex missions with a few clicks.


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