RAF conducted firing of ASRAAM missiles during drill

By Eleonor Tomlin, Royal Air Force (RAF)

RAF Typhoon and Lightning jets have successfully conducted their largest ever mass firing of Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles (ASRAAM). Over the space of 10 days, pilots from eight different squadrons successfully launched a total of 53 missiles at target drones.

The Missile Practice Camp took place over the sea in the Hebrides Air Weapon Ranges last month and was the largest mass firing of the infra-red guided Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles from Typhoon and F-35B Lightning II. Typhoon pilots from 1(F), II(AC), 6 and IX(B) Squadrons based at RAF Lossiemouth, as well as from 3(F), and 41 Test & Evaluation Squadron at RAF Coningsby, worked with Lightnings from 207 and 617 Squadrons based at RAF Marham in the event.

The ability to end-to-end test these missiles develops confidence in the weapon, whilst simultaneously developing personnel from professions across the RAF. From the movement and loading of live weapons onto the aircraft, to the aircrafts’ transit to the Air Weapons Ranges, the integration of personnel and aircraft from around the country was key to the success of the event. The training has proved the impressive capability of Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles across both RAF combat air platforms, providing training and real-world feedback by destroying Banshee drone targets.

Crucial experience of safely transporting and loading live weapons onto aircraft was gained by logistical and engineering personnel. This is vital in developing an even more skilled team to protect UK interests.


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