Rafael to upgrade the communications system of the Romanian Navy

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company Rafael with local Romanian company STARC4SYS SRL have secured a contract to upgrade the communications system of the Romanian Navy.

The Israeli solutions will give the Romanian Navy advanced operational communication capabilities.

Following a rigorous competitive process, the Romanian Ministry of National Defence chose Rafael and its SEACOM system, an innovative naval-communications solution.

The SEACOM system is an operationally proven system that has and continues to support the communication capabilities of leading navies throughout the world. The SEACOM provided for the Naval Platforms is an advanced, state-of-the-art, integrated, “all in one” solution for external and internal naval communication, consisting of both Voice and Data over IP services, encryption devices, as well as IT, public address, entertainment under water communication and more.

Rafael’s SeaCom turnkey suite integrates and supports internal/external secure communications, with a redundant IP network for operations continuity. It is scalable for any surface ship, submarine and patrol boat. The BNET IP software-defined radio used as part of the solution enables data exchange at sea, on land, and in the air.



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