Rheinmetall Defence Australia developing state of the art simulation training and course work

Source: Rheinmetall

Rheinmetall, the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force has outlined details of state of the art Immersive Tactical Trainers for Land 400 Phase 2, Boxer Combat Reconnaissance vehicles with delivery of the first system due later this year.

Nathan Poyner, Managing Director Rheinmetall Defence Australia said the business was developing a Reconnaissance variant for the Immersive Tactical Trainer and five variants (RECON, Joint Fires, Command and Control, Repair and Recovery) of the Desk Top Trainers simulators for delivery to the Commonwealth of Australia by 2024.

“The contract has a value of up to AUD40 million and includes hardware and software design. The software design has been a deliberate effort of technical transfer from Germany to Australia, culminating with the ability for Rheinmetall Defence Australia to continue this development for the Immersive Tactical Trainer and Desktop Tactical Trainer, creating a complete simulation system development and integration capability within the business’ Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence Headquarters at Redbank, south-east Queensland.

“A total of 18 simulators are under design and manufacture for the installation, commission and sustainment at Australian Army locations.

“The Immersive Tactical Trainer simulators will enable Immersive Tactical Training for a Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle crew to train or connect to additional simulators for collective training at the troop and squadron levels, giving a representation of the cabin of the vehicle and realistic visual scenes to undertake exercises,” Poyner said.

The Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle is the most advanced combat reconnaissance vehicle now in service with the Australian Defence Force. It offers increased protection, lethality and digitisation, and is a game-changer to safely operate in hostile environments and on peace keeping missions. Rheinmetall is delivering a total of 211 Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles in conjunction with more than 100 Australian Industry Capablility partners under LAND 400 Phase 2.

“In addition to the Immersive Tactical Trainer, Rheinmetall Defence Australia has already delivered three Desktop Trainers and a range of Technology Enabled Learning course work for the modern Australian soldier for use on LAND121 HX Trucks, trailers, and modules, LAND 400 Phase 2 and Phase 3 Lynx Vehicles.

“The blended learning environment connects the soldier to the platform and is vehicle specific, allowing a self-paced, high-fidelity management system,” Poyner said.



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