Rheinmetall presents Skyranger 30 and Skyranger 35 on Lynx, Leopard 2 and Boxer at Eurosatory 2024

Source: Rheinmetall

Ground-based air defence has become increasingly important in Europe, particularly amid the war in the Ukraine. Numerous EU and NATO members, including Hungary, Germany and Austria, have opted for Rheinmetall's Skyranger mobile air defence solutions. Available in 30mm and 35 mm calibres, the system offers an optimum combination of mobility, protection, flexibility and precision to meet the growing requirements of challenging threat scenarios in the near and closer range.


At Eurosatory 2024, Rheinmetall is presenting three possible configurations for highly mobile air defence systems.

The Skyranger 30 turret with integrated guided missile is mounted on the Boxer 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle and – shown for the first time at a trade fair – on the Lynx KF41. As a hybrid solution, the Skyranger 30 turret combines the powerful 30mm x 173 KCE turret gun, ground-to-air guided missile and the necessary sensor technology on a single platform. In Germany, the Skyranger 30 is equipped with the Stinger missile. The system is particularly suitable for defence against drones thanks to the AHEAD airburst ammunition technology.


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Also on show for the first time is an armoured anti-aircraft vehicle with a Skyranger 35 system on a Leopard 2 chassis. The Skyranger 35 has a KDG 35/1000 revolver cannon in 35 mm x 228 calibre with a rate of fire of 1000 rounds per minute. It has an effective range of up to 4,000 metres and high commonality with the Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk 3. Skyranger 35 is also airburst-capable thanks to AHEAD technology. In the future, the Skyranger 35 can also be equipped with modern guided missiles. This system is therefore suitable for mobile, accompanying air defence for heavy armoured formations.



Just in February 2024, Rheinmetall received large-volume orders from the Autrian and the German government. The Düsseldorf-based technology group is to supply 30 Skyranger vehicles to the German Bundeswehr based on the 8×8 Boxer and to the Austrian Bundesheer based on a different 6×6 platform. In December 2023, Hungary commissioned Rheimetall to develop a Skyranger 30 air defence tank based on the Lynx KF41. Denmark is also interested in the Skyranger 30.



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