Rheinmetall to deliver two Skynex systems to Ukraine in coming months

By Defence Industry Europe

German arms maker Rheinmetall has announced that in the second half of the year, it will deliver two Skynex air defence systems to Ukraine.

Rheinmetall was contracted by the German government to produce and deliver two Skynex air defence systems for Ukraine in December 2022. At that time, the company did not disclose the customer for these systems. However, German and international media unveiled that the ordered systems are intended for Ukraine.

According to the company, the contract is valued at EUR 182 million. An additional contract for HX trucks is valued at approximately EUR 12 million.

“In the second half of 2023, Ukraine will take delivery of two cutting-edge Skynex air defence systems, including airburst munitions. The Skynex systems will be mounted on new Rheinmetall HX 8×8 military trucks,” Rheinmetall said on its website.



Skynex air defence systems will significantly improve the Ukrainian army’s capability to defend against some types of airborne threats, especially unmanned aerial systems, including kamikaze drones, and low-flying cruise missiles.

“Using programmable 35mm Ahead ammunition, developed by Rheinmetall specifically for this purpose, is significantly less costly than comparable guided missile-based systems. Moreover, it is impossible to influence or deflect 35mm rounds with electronic countermeasures,” Rheinmetall describes the Skynex air defence system.



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