Rheinmetall will be ready for serial production of KF 51 Panther in 15-18 months

By Defence Industry Europe

The new main battle tank KF 51 Panther will be ready for serial production in 15-18 months, Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger told German newspaper “Neue Ruhr Zeitung”.

According to Armin Papperger’s declaration, Rheinmetall’s new main battle tank KF 51 Panther is almost ready for serial production. Company CEO stressed that Rheinmetall developed three variants of the KF51 Panther tank.

In an interview with “Nue Ruhr Zeitung”, Rheinmetall CEO confirmed that the company has prepared and submitted to the German government a concept for the KF 51 Panther production plant in Ukraine. The company also is waiting for the decision of Kyiv.

Even if the new plant is not set up in Ukraine, Rheinmetall will be able to produce the KF 51 Panther tanks in Hungary.

As reported by Defence Industry Europe, German defence company Rheinmetall is in talks with the government of Ukraine on cooperation in the field of defence industry and possible deliveries to Ukraine of KF 51 Panther main battle tanks and KF 41 Lynx infantry fighting vehicles.



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