Roketsan: TRG-300 missile can strike high-priority targets

Source: Roketsan press release

Roketsan added the TRG-300 Missile to the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in 2016, and has since demonstrated its ability to provide timely, accurate and heavy fire support to manoeuvring units.

The warhead diversification of the system, which has proven its combat capability since then, was carried out in 2018. Roketsan has completed the delivery of the TRG-300 Missile to a foreign user, and continues to make improvements to the missile in light of the feedback from the field. In this context, the efforts initiated in 2020 to increase the missile’s tactical features are continuing.

Roketsan is engaged in continued negotiations aimed at further exports of the anti-jamming guided TRG-300 BLOCK-III Missile.

TRG-300 missiles can be launched from platforms with interfaces appropriate for the integration of the K+ Weapon System and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) System. Roketsan is planning to make the necessary improvements and platform adaptations for the integration of the TRG-300 Missile with naval platforms.

The missile, which can be used under all weather conditions, is effective against the following targets:

  • Targets located with high accuracy
  • Artillery and air-defence systems
  • Radar sites
  • Assembly areas
  • Logistical facilities
  • C3 Systems
  • Other high-priority targets
Technical Specifications of the TRG-300 Missile
Diameter300 mm300 mm
Maximum Range90 km120 km
Minimum Range20 km30 km
Weight~ 660 kg~ 585 kg
Length~ 5.5 m~ 5.2 m
GuidanceJam Resistant (*), Inertial Guidance with GPS supportJam Resistant (*), Inertial Guidance with GPS support
Accuracy (CEP)≤10 m(**)≤10 m(**)
ControlAerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Actuation SystemAerodynamic Control with Electromechanical Actuation System
Propellant TypeComposite SolidComposite Solid
Warhead TypeHigh Explosive + Steel BallHighly explosive and cluster 40% TNT+ 60% RDX content
Warhead Weight~ 180 kg~ 105 kg
Warhead Effective Radius≥ 70 m (***)≥ 70 m
Fuse TypePoint Detonation and ProximityPoint Detonation and Proximity
Pod Type:Sealed PodSealed Pod
Shelf Life10 years10 years

(*): Jam resistance may differ depending on the jamming power, type, number and placement.

(**): The GPS supported performance value when unaffected by jamming. Pure inertial performance (without GPS support) has been improved by approximately 70 percent when compared to the TRG-300 BLOCK-I missile.

(***) Increased fragmentation and dynamic effectiveness

*GPS: Global Positioning System

*GLONASS: Global Navigation Satellite System

*INS: Inertial Navigation System


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