Safran Optics 1 to provide Panoramic Sight for the U.S. Army’s Mobile Protected Fire Program

Source: Safran Optics 1

The U.S. Army selected General Dynamics Land Systems’ (GDLS) all-new Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) vehicle with Safran Optics 1’s PASEO Commander’s Independent Tactical Viewer (CITV) long-range panoramic targeting sight. The Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) award, valued at $1.14 billion, will provide the U.S. Army with 96 vehicles over the next four years. It also includes test support, logistics support and systems technical support.

“We are proud to have partnered with GDLS to offer our best-in-class PASEO CITV sight for the groundbreaking MPF, all for the ultimate benefit of those who will serve on the vehicle,” said Joseph Bogosian, President & CEO at Optics 1.

The PASEO is one of the most innovative surveillance and targeting sights for infantry vehicles and battlefield tanks. It provides an above-armor integrated sight enhancing situational awareness to the Commander and crewmembers.

MPF is a lightweight, direct-fire combat vehicle that is highly lethal and survivable to dominate ground threats on the multi-domain battlefield. The MPF vehicle employs a four-person crew and features an enhanced thermal viewer (PASEO CITV), a large-caliber cannon, a lightweight hull and turret, and a modern diesel engine, transmission and suspension system. This new tank will be the first newly designed vehicle for the Army in over 40 years.



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