Saudi companies sign agreements with turkish defence industry for Akinci drones

By Defence Industry Europe

Saudi Arabian companies have entered into 3 agreements with the Turkish defence industry concerning participation in the construction of Bayraktar Akinci High-Altitude Long-Endurance (HALE) drones. SAMI (Saudi Arabian Military Industries) has signed an agreement with Baykar, while Aselsan and Roketsan have signed agreements with NCMS (National Company for Mechanical Systems).

These agreements have become possible following Saudi Arabia’s contract with Baykar on July 17 for the supply of Akinci drones. According to Baykar CEO Haluk Bayraktar, this is Turkey’s largest-ever export contract. Details of the transaction, valued at USD 3.5 billion, have not been disclosed.



Under these agreements, SAMI will be responsible for the production of Akinci drones in Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, up to 70% of UAVs may be produced in the country. This will encompass airframe structures, electrical systems, ground equipment, and final assembly.



Meanwhile, the NCMS agreement with Aselsan pertains to the production of optoelectronic systems and the sharing of technology for weapons guidance sets. From Roketsan, NCMS will acquire competencies in the field of smart munitions and guidance systems. This way, the Saudis intend to enhance NCMS’s potential for producing armaments and sensors for Turkish UAVs.



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