Space Hellas coordinates three European cybersecurity projects

Source: Space Hellas

The coordination of three new European R&D projects in the field of cybersecurity was undertaken by Space Hellas. These projects are co-funded by the European Commission and aim to develop innovative cyber security solutions for critical sectors such as national defence, health and next-generation telecommunication networks.

In particular, the AInception (AI Framework for Improving Cyber Defence Operations) project, funded under the European Defence Fund, aims to develop artificial intelligence tools for improving cyber defence operations, not only for the detection and categorization of security incidents, but also for the automated response.

The SEPTON project (Security protection tools for Networked Medical Devices) is funded under the Horizon Europe program and aims to cover the specific security requirements of connected medical devices, which not only collect data but also support vital functions.

Finally, the PRIVATEER project (Privacy-first Security Enablers for 6G Networks) is part of the “Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking” (SNS JU) program of the European Commission and develops innovative security mechanisms for sixth generation (6G) networks, considering as top priority the privacy of users and of providers as well. It should be noted that Space Hellas is one of the 40 European industries participating in the 6G Infrastructure Association (6GIA), the association of companies and research bodies leading the development of sixth generation (6G) technologies in Europe.

The three projects have a total budget of €18 million and the three partnerships coordinated by Space Hellas, all together number 41 bodies (industries, SMEs, universities and research centers) from all over Europe.

The Director of R&D and Applications of Space Hellas, Mr. Sokratis Kostikoglou, emphasizes: «Our company has developed high expertise and already provides a wide range of cybersecurity solutions and services through its active participation, especially with the role of coordinator in numerous international research initiatives. We aim to expand our expertise to even more cutting-edge technologies and develop other innovative solutions to meet modern challenges.

In addition to the three aforementioned projects, Space Hellas is actively involved  in nine other European projects that have recently started, in areas such as Cybersecurity, 5G/6G, Edge AI, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).»



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