Spain orders NASAMS air defence systems in EUR 410 million deal

By Defence Industry Europe

Spain has contracted Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace for the acquisition of NASAMS air defence systems. The agreement, valued at approximately EUR 410 million, is part of Spain's broader initiative to modernize its military capabilities.


The NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) is a state-of-the-art air defence solution co-developed by Kongsberg and Raytheon. Known for its advanced capabilities and high level of operational flexibility, NASAMS is employed by various nations worldwide, reflecting its reliability and effectiveness.

Spain’s decision to invest in NASAMS highlights its commitment to strengthening national defence infrastructure amidst evolving global security challenges. The modernized systems will replace older equipment, providing Spain with enhanced capability to detect and neutralize aerial threats, ranging from aircraft to drones and other potential airborne hazards.



The deal underscores the robust defence cooperation between Spain and Kongsberg. Geir Håøy, President and CEO of Kongsberg, expressed pride in Spain’s continued trust in their systems, which have been integral to the country’s defence for over two decades.

Moreover, this contract is expected to have significant economic implications, potentially leading to job creation and furthering technological advancements within the defence sector. The upgrade of Spain’s air defence is not only a step forward for national security but also a boost for the industry involved in producing and maintaining these sophisticated systems.

Spain’s modernization efforts align with broader European security objectives, particularly in the context of NATO. The advanced capabilities of NASAMS will contribute to enhanced regional defence, showcasing Spain’s proactive stance in ensuring collective security.



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