Spanish Army orders 155mm artillery ammunition from Expal Systems

By Defence Industry Europe

The Spanish Army has awarded two contracts to Expal Systems for the supply of 155mm artillery ammunition, with a total value exceeding EUR 45 million.

The first contract, worth EUR 40.5 million, is for the delivery of 155mm ER (extended range) artillery ammunition for the M109 A5 self-propelled howitzer operated by the Spanish Army. Expal Systems will provide high-performance 155mm projectiles equipped with a bleed base unit, modular charge propulsion, and EC-102 electronic fuze. This version of the ammunition has a range of approximately 40 km.

This contract is part of the existing ammunition framework agreement for this caliber, which was established between the Army and the company in 2018. The initial budget of the agreement was set at 48 million euros and was due to expire in 2022. However, the conditions included a two-year extension.

Under the second contract, valued at EUR 6.2 million, Expal Systems will supply the Spanish Army with a smaller quantity of 155mm artillery rounds of an unspecified type.




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