Steiner unveils M830rc X LRF binocular

Source: Steiner

Steiner, a globally recognized leader in optical and opto-electronic products, proudly unveils its latest masterpiece, the M830rc X LRF. This groundbreaking binocular redefines the landscape of precision optics, offering unmatched performance, digital information reflection, durability, and versatility for military and law enforcement professionals.


The M830rc X LRF is equipped with a high-performance laser that allows for ultra-precise measurements of targets up to 10 kilometers away. In addition, the binoculars include a inclination angle indicator and an integrated and mirrored digital compass.



Whether assessing terrain or determining target distance, these binoculars excel in delivering crystal-clear results, even in challenging environments. Geocoordinates for Enhanced Awareness: Following precise calibration, these binoculars offer the remarkable capability to determine accurate user as well as target coordinates, instantly displayed within the user’s field of view.

This feature elevates situational awareness and simplifies navigation, providing an essential edge in the field. Designed with adaptability in mind, the M830rc X LRF seamlessly integrates with a range of devices, including the Garmin Watch Tactix 7, the Steiner Connect App, and custom software solutions. This connectivity enhances functionality and makes these binoculars a versatile tool for various applications.

Built to Withstand the Toughest Conditions: The M830rc X LRF features a Floating Prism System with a flexible silicon lens mount, ensuring it absorbs severe shocks, impacts, and abuse without damage. These binoculars are built to endure the harshest environments, providing unmatched durability and reliability. With the Individual Eyepiece Focus System, users can customize the focus for each eyepiece once, ensuring razor-sharp images from 20 meters to infinity. There’s no need to constantly adjust focus, even when tracking moving targets. Constructed with a Makrolon® Housing, the M830rc X LRF boasts a lightweight yet rugged chassis, capable of withstanding high impacts and enduring harsh conditions for generations of trusted use.



Ergonomic Design for Comfort: The ergonomic design shifts the center of gravity into the palms of your hands, guaranteeing comfortable and prolonged observation. Its round-the-shoulder shape prevents snagging on hatches and doors in urgent situations.

The M830rc X LRF from Steiner sets a new standard for excellence in precision optics. With its exceptional features, rugged build, and seamless connectivity, it is the ultimate tool for professionals who demand the very best in the field. Steiner’s relentless commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction continues to drive their success, making them the trusted choice for professionals worldwide.



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