UK to supply Ukraine with more AS-90 howitzers, Brimstone anti-tank missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

Britain has announced an extensive military aid package to support the embattled nation. During a recent visit to Ukraine, Defence Secretary John Healey revealed that the UK would supply 10 additional AS-90 self-propelled artillery guns and 90 Brimstone missiles.


This reinforcement comes on top of the previous provision of AS-90 systems, with the new support package including 32 new barrels and spare parts to enable Ukrainian forces to fire an additional 60,000 rounds of 155mm artillery. The AS-90, known for its robust firepower and mobility, will significantly enhance Ukraine’s artillery capabilities on the front lines.

The package, announced by the newly appointed Defence Secretary under the Labour government, marks the first major military aid initiative and underscores the UK’s unwavering commitment to Ukraine. In addition to the AS-90 artillery systems and missiles, the UK will provide fifty small boats for river and coastal operations, 250,000 rounds of small arms ammunition, 40 de-mining vehicles, and 61 bulldozers to aid in building defensive positions.



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