Ukraine: Special Operations Forces launch Brimstone missiles from civilian truck [VIDEO]

By Defence Industry Europe

Special Operations Forces of Ukraine demonstrated the firing of British Brimstone anti-tank missiles manufactured by MBDA.

The Ukrainian SOF official YouTube channel posted a video thath captured the launch of Brimstone missiles. The launcher is mounted on the basis of a civilian truck.



In November 2022, the United Kingdom delivered Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine. The main feature of Brimstone 2 is the combined guidance system, which uses an active seeker, as well as a semi-active laser beam guidance system. This Brimtone 2 is capable of covering a distance of up to 16 km when fired from the ground launcher, and the use of a combined homing head increases the probability of a successful hit.


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The United Kingdom provided Ukraine with approximately 600 Brimstone missiles in both versions. Additionally, it is expected that an additional number of these missiles will be transferred in the future.



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