Ukrainian Air Force’s Su-24 aircraft are carrying Storm Shadow cruise missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

An image has surfaced online showing a Ukrainian Su-24 frontline bomber carrying two Storm Shadow cruise missiles, delivered by the United Kingdom. It remains unclear whether the aircraft in this configuration are being used in combat or are still undergoing testing. However, it is known that Ukraine has previously used Storm Shadow missiles during the war with Russia.

Storm Shadow is a long-range stealth cruise missile jointly developed by the United Kingdom and France. It is launched from a flying platform and boasts a range exceeding 250 km. Storm Shadow missile is produced by European defence company MBDA.

The transfer of the long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine was confirmed for the first time in May, as part of the British military support package. The announcement was made by the British Secretary of Defence, Ben Wallace, on May 11th.

The inclusion of these advanced missiles in Ukraine’s arsenal signifies a significant enhancement to its air capabilities. The Storm Shadow’s stealth characteristics and extended range provide Ukrainian forces with a potent tool for engaging targets at considerable distances.

As the situation continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Ukraine will deploy these powerful assets and leverage them to defend its sovereignty and deter any potential threats.



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