US Navy orders another batch of Naval Strike Missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

On March 22, the US Department of Defense announced that the US Navy has signed a contract with Raytheon Missiles & Defense for the production and supply of another batch of Naval Strike Missiles (NSM) as part of the Over-the-Horizon Weapon System (OTH-WS) programme.

The number of NSM missiles ordered by US Navy was not disclosed, but the US Department of Defense stressed that the contract is expected to be completed by March 2027. The value of this contract is USD 234 million.

According to the US Department of Defense, over 70% of works under this contract will be performed in Norway (69% – in Kongsberg, 4% – in Raufoss).

In 2018, Raytheon Missiles & Defense and Kongsberg won the competition in the OTH-WS programmme with Naval Strike Missile. Raytheon (as prime contractor) then signed with US Navy a framework agreement with the US Navy for these missiles, with a total value of up to USD 841.6 million.

According to the US Navy, the OTH-WS programme is a long-range, surface-to-surface warfare system intended to engage maritime targets both inside and beyond the radar horizon. The system consists of an operator interface console, Naval Strike Missile, and the Missile Launching System.

NSM missiles will be carried by ships of Littoral Combat Ship-class (Freedom and Independent) and Constellation-class frigates.



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