Van Halteren Technologies rolls out first upgraded CV90 infantry fighting vehicle

By Defence Industry Europe

Van Halteren Technologies (VHT) has announced the release of the first upgraded CV90 infantry fighting vehicle, a key step in modernizing the Dutch army's combat capabilities. The Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) program will keep all 122 vehicles in service until 2039. The Dutch army will start using the upgraded vehicles in November.


The CV90 upgrades address the evolving global security landscape and include a new turret with advanced IT infrastructure and observation systems, enabling faster and more efficient decision-making on the battlefield. Additionally, the vehicles are now equipped with guided anti-tank missiles and an active protection system to detect and neutralize threats, enhancing both performance and user-friendliness.

This upgrade project is a collaborative effort between Swedish manufacturer BAE Systems Hägglunds AB and Van Halteren Technologies. The Dutch Ministry of Defense has emphasized the importance of such strategic partnerships and investments in advanced technology to ensure national security.


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To celebrate the rollout, VHT hosted a special lunch event, fostering collaboration among stakeholders and featuring Christophe van der Maat, State Secretary of Defense.

The delivery of the remaining upgraded CV90s will continue over the next few years, with the final unit expected to be operational by early 2027. Commodore Harold Boekholt, Director of Projects at the Command for Material & IT (COMMIT), noted that these upgrades will enable the Dutch forces to maintain a high operational tempo and ensure continued dominance on the battlefield.



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