VINCORION: a successful year 2022 and plans for further development


According to Dr. Stefan Stenzel, managing director of VINCORION, 2022 was a successful year for the company overall. “Our sites in Wedel, in Altenstadt, and in Essen performed well,” said Stenzel, referring to the quantity of orders received, newly developed products and projects, and the hiring of additional employees. Nevertheless, he urges the German government to follow up its promise of a “Zeitenwende” (i.e., a new era in defense polity) with action – including more reliability vis-à-vis the industry.

VINCORION, which was previously part of the Jenoptik Group, has been operating as an independent company since July 2022. With nearly 700 employees at three locations in Germany and one in the United States, the company manufactures solutions for the security and defense sectors as well as for the aviation industry.


Ongoing Advancement of the Patriot System

One of the year’s major milestones for VINCORION was the political commitment to modernize the Patriot defense system. This includes new radar systems and the ability to form entire protective shields. Stefan Stenzel emphasizes that the development is in pursuit of the goal of creating a “green military.” The company develops high-performance power systems for Patriot that conserve resources by generating fewer emissions as a result of lower fuel consumption – which also translates into lower operating costs.

VINCORION has been a supplier for the Patriot system for 30 years. In this context, the company benefits from its experience with hybrid power supply units. The concept for the next-generation Patriot system includes prototypes for the launcher and antenna mast vehicles with 15 kW power, for stand-alone fire control sections with 30 kW, and 150kW gensets for powering the radar.

The company continues to develop a new generation of military gensets to generate power for the German Armed Forces. These will not only be equipped with state-of-the-art EU Stage V engines, but will also feature power storage units for hybrid or battery operation. VINCORION was able to secure a framework agreement with Germany’s Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support valued at 16 million euros. Under this agreement, the company will deliver prototypes and preproduction systems through the end of 2024.

This past fall, VINCORION and fuel cell specialist SFC Energy unveiled the “Portable Power Management Modules” power system, or PPM modularV for short. This portable power supply for mobile emergency personnel can use, store, and output power from a variety of sources – from the grid to generators and car batteries to photovoltaic systems and in hybrid operation with a state-of-the-art fuel cell from SFC.


VINCORION to Continue ESG Efforts in 2023

In connection with its commitment to sustainable business practices, the company points to the fact that it was awarded a silver medal by the consulting firm EcoVadis for the first time in 2022. As Stenzel explains: “At VINCORION’s sites in Wedel, Altenstadt, and Essen, we are hard at work enshrining the concept of sustainability throughout the entire cycle – from supply chains and low-emission manufacturing techniques to designing efficient and resource-friendly power solutions for civilian and military applications.” The company will continue to work on expanding its ESG activities in 2023.

As an independent company, VINCORION is also establishing its own “employer branding” in order to be recognized as an attractive employer. In 2022, the company was able to hire many new employees, accounting for almost 13 percent of its current total workforce. And, as the managing director explains, VINCORION will continue to look for new employees in the new year, including engineers and sales staff.


Industry Needs to Be Able to Plan More Reliably in the Coming Year

VINCORION’s managing director remains concerned about Germany’s defense budget, however, even though it now stands at 50.1 billion euros. “Much to my disappointment, Germany is once again clearly failing to meet the promised two-percent target,” Stenzel notes. And the company has not received a single cent of the 100-billion-euro special fund promised as part of the “Zeitenwende.” The defense industry in Germany needs to be able to plan with greater certainty in 2023.

As Stenzel explains: “We take our responsibility very seriously, just as we did in the decades before, and we approach it with prudence and a clear conscience. Our mission is to create a modern, superior armed forces that are more than capable of defending Germany and Europe.” The country has committed itself to providing these, including vis-à-vis its alliance partners. “We owe this to our armed forces, our partners, and the security of our values-based order.”



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