VR Group to provide CV90 MkIV simulators for Czech Armed Forces

By Defence Industry Europe

The Czech defence company VR Group, a subsidiary of LOM PRAHA, has secured a contract with Swedish company BAE Systems Hägglunds to develop and deliver a comprehensive simulation and training system for the CV90 MkIV infantry fighting vehicles.

The agreement was finalized during the IDET 2023 arms fair held in Brno, Czech Republic, at the end of May.

Vít Ryska, chairman of VR Group, confirmed the delivery of a training system that includes computer classrooms, teaching materials, and simulators with accurate replicas of the CV90 MkIV’s driver’s cabins and turret cabins.

According to Jiří Protiva, chairman of LOM PRAHA, this contract is a significant milestone for VR Group and the entire LOM Praha group, bringing new competences to the Czech Republic through the utilization of advanced modeling and simulation technologies. It also ensures long-term development through established industrial cooperation.

In May 2023, the Czech Ministry of Defense signed a contract worth USD 2.2 billion with BAE Systems Hägglunds for the procurement of 246 CV90 MkIV vehicles in seven different variants. As part of the agreement, the Czech defense industry is expected to have a 40% share in the vehicle production process. This collaboration strengthens the domestic defense industry and enhances the Czech Republic’s capabilities in military training and simulation systems.




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