AMST selected by Airbus as a supplier for Flight Simulation Training Devices

Source: AMST

AMST has been selected by Airbus as a supplier for Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs).

The agreement with Airbus is a first milestone of a future business collaboration between Airbus and AMST. This is also an excellent opportunity for AMST to further develop its commercial aviation pilot training business. AMST is strongly committed to making its specialized know-how available in an environment of highly standardized and regulated pilot training equipment. This enables training providers to differentiate and expand their capabilities.

“AMST has a proven track record of 40 years in governmental aviation simulation and training. We are very proud that AMST has been selected as a FSTD supplier for Airbus following expansion of our portfolio with commercial aviation training solutions.”, says Rainer Schlüsselberger, Shareholder and Managing Director of AMST.

For over 40 years, AMST has been offering its customers outstanding solutions in the fields of simulation and aerospace medicine. It is a technological leader in relevant key areas. The product portfolio ranges from human centrifuges, hypobaric chambers, and spatial disorientation trainers to highly immersive full flight simulators with a best-in-class image generator as well as complex training environments for realistic night vision and search and rescue training. Many of the solutions developed by AMST are unique. All products come with a comprehensive service package. In addition to reliable technical support over the entire product lifecycle, this also includes services such as the design of and construction support for turnkey training centers.





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