Argentina signs deal to buy F-16 fighter jets fron Denmark

By Defence Industry Europe

Argentina has signed an agreement to acquire 24 F-16 fighter jets from Denmark, a deal valued at approximately EUR 280 million. The transaction was finalized at a Danish air force base on Tuesday, marking a significant upgrade to Argentina's military aviation capabilities.


The F-16 jets, which are nearly 40 years old, have been meticulously maintained and updated with modern technology, according to Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen. Poulsen highlighted that with this acquisition, Argentina is now “part of the global F-16 family,” a move that reflects Argentina’s efforts to modernize its air force amid evolving global defense dynamics.

Denmark is in the process of updating its own air force fleet with 27 new F-35A fighter jets, with a complete transition expected by the end of 2025. This fleet upgrade has rendered the older F-16 models surplus, allowing for their sale to Argentina. The Danish F-16s are part of a batch of 30 operative aircraft, some of which have also been pledged to Ukraine as part of a donation.

Although the specific timeline for the transfer of the F-16 jets to Argentina has not been disclosed, officials anticipate that the handover will occur within the coming years. This strategic delay allows both countries to adequately prepare for the transition, including pilot training and integration of the jets into Argentina’s existing military infrastructure.



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