Azerbaijan buys Barak MX air defence system from Israel

By Arie Egozi

Azerbaijan has decided to purchase additional Israeli-made Barak MX air defence systems from Israel in a USD 1.2 billion deal.


As reported by Defence Industry Europe some months ago, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) performed a successful demonstration of the Barak MX systems in Azerbaijan.

Israel is a major supplier of defence systems to Azerbaijan. These were heavily used in the conflict with Armenia, which has recently intensified.

According to the official Azeri report, the test included a multi-launch of the interceptor of the different versions of this very advanced system.



The sources added that some versions of the IAI air defence system have been operational in Azerbaijan for some years, but the recent demonstration included some of the latest upgraded versions.

The Israeli air defence system has, in recent years, become a very popular item in the shopping lists of countries that face threats from neighbouring enemies.

Barak MX is a modular air defence system and is designed to address missile and aircraft threats. It operates both on marine platforms and land and belongs to the Barak missile family.

The Barak MX system is capable of simple integration with any existing legacy or new sensors.

The Barak MX Land Deployable system is capable of simple integration with any existing legacy or new sensors.



All Barak MX Land Deployable components (BMC, Launchers with interceptors, and Radars) can be operated from permanent infrastructure or can be truck-mounted and deployed to temporal operational sites.

According to IAI, Barak MX’s innovative, software-based modular approach offers exceptional flexibility in operation and power build-up and ensures simple adaptation to future threats, making it one of the most powerful, all-weather, day-and-night solutions for today’s most challenging threats.



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