Baykar advances military technology with AI-supported KEMANKEŞ 2 munition

By Defence Industry Europe

Baykar continues to innovate with the introduction of the KEMANKEŞ 2, a larger, more advanced version of its original KEMANKEŞ mini cruise missile. The KEMANKEŞ 2 was successfully launched from a speeding pickup truck, showcasing a new method for rapid deployment, diverging from its earlier version which was launched from the Bayraktar TB2 UAV.


The name KEMANKEŞ draws inspiration from historical Turkish archers known for their precise accuracy under challenging conditions, embodying the missile’s capabilities. The KEMANKEŞ 2 is a mini intelligent cruise missile developed nationally by Baykar, designed to strike strategic targets effectively, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance its autopilot system for autonomous operation.



The new munition boasts an impressive range exceeding 200 km and an endurance of one hour. It utilizes an Artificial Intelligence Assisted Optical Guidance System, enabling it to identify and engage targets with high precision, and is equipped to handle operations both day and night. Its robust anti-jamming features ensure reliable performance even in electronically contested environments.

While Baykar has provided the original KEMANKEŞ and now the KEMANKEŞ 2 with advanced technology, these munitions are also designed to be compatible with other Baykar UCAVs, including the Bayraktar AKINCI, Bayraktar TB2, and Bayraktar TB3. These drones can carry the KEMANKEŞ missiles, facilitating direct line-of-sight communication and allowing for real-time telemetry data and video transmission back to the ground control station.

The launch video did not reveal the full design of the KEMANKEŞ 2, but visible parts like the wings and engine suggest similarities to the KaGeM V3, a joint development with Pakistan, though they are confirmed to be different munitions. Baykar plans that the operational version of KEMANKEŞ 2 may use catapults or multi-slot launchers equipped with rocket-assisted takeoff (RATO) for enhanced deployment capabilities.



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