Baykar’s Bayraktar TB3 drone excels in 32-hour endurance test

By Defence Industry Europe

Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar has achieved a significant milestone with its Bayraktar TB3 unmanned aerial system (UAS), completing a remarkable 32-hour endurance flight test that covered a distance of 5,700km at an average altitude of 20,000 feet. This achievement underlines the TB3's potential utility in maritime surveillance and combat operations.


During its 13th test flight, known as the Endurance Flight Test, the Bayraktar TB3 showcased its capability for extended aerial surveillance missions. Initially announced in late 2020 as an advancement of the TB2 model, the TB3 is designed to operate from the LHD Anadolu carrier, capable of landing and taking off from the deck.



The extended flight duration of the TB3 positions it as a valuable asset in enhancing the safety of aircraft carriers and providing escort to ships against both small boat and airborne threats. This capability is particularly significant for maritime operations, where sustained aerial presence is crucial.

Beyond surveillance and reconnaissance roles, the Bayraktar TB3 is also equipped for air-to-air engagements. It is expected to carry smart munitions under its wings, expanding its operational scope. Speculations suggest that the TB3 will have a higher payload capacity compared to its predecessor, the TB2, which can carry a payload of 150kg.


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Baykar’s latest innovation in UAS technology also includes the integration of SATCOM-based control capabilities, allowing the TB3 to maximize its operational range and effectiveness.



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