Borrell calls EU members to provide Ukraine with more PATRIOT Air defence systems

By Defence Industry Europe

On April 21, the EU's foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, called on member states to deliver PATRIOT air defence systems to Ukraine, stressing the urgency of the situation during a press conference in Luxembourg. This appeal followed a joint meeting of EU foreign and defence ministers, which also addressed additional support in light of recent heavy pressures on the Ukrainian front line from Russian forces.


Ukraine has consistently appealed to its allies for more military aid, particularly for advanced air defence systems like the PATRIOT to counteract escalating attacks. Borrell highlighted that while the EU does not directly control these defence assets—since they are held by individual member states—it is up to these nations to make prompt decisions to support Ukraine.

The ministers’ discussions also extended to broader issues, including the follow-up on the United States’ approval of a substantial USD 61 billion aid package for Ukraine. Additionally, the meeting covered sanctions against Iran in response to its attacks on Israel and its role in arming Russia.



Latvian Foreign Minister Baiba Braže emphasized the importance of EU action, especially now that the U.S. has finalized its aid package. “We have to step up. It’s a crucial time,” she remarked, underscoring Europe’s role in managing conflict on its continent.

In parallel, the EU is looking to intensify sanctions against Iran, focusing on restricting components for drones and ballistic missiles that have yet to be sanctioned. These measures aim to hinder the support networks that facilitate the transfer of military technology to Russian forces and Iranian proxies in the Middle East.


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Borrell confirmed that a political agreement was reached to expand the sanctions, potentially to include measures against the transfer of Iranian missiles that could be used to attack Ukraine, although he clarified that such transfers have not been reported yet.



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