British Army’s Ajax vehicle passes extreme cold tests in Sweden

By Defence Industry Europe

The British Army's Royal Armoured Corps announced on January 21, 2024, the successful testing of its new Ajax armoured vehicle in Sweden's extreme winter conditions, with temperatures reaching -36°C. The tests, conducted by the Household Cavalry, demonstrated the Ajax's capabilities in harsh weather, a crucial aspect of the vehicle set to be central to the Army's future armoured fleet.


This exercise was not just a demonstration of the vehicle’s endurance in extreme cold but also highlighted its advanced capabilities in intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) under challenging conditions.


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Featuring six distinct variants based on a common platform, the Ajax family is designed to enhance the British Army’s operational effectiveness. These vehicles offer improved lethality, survivability, reliability, and mobility. They are equipped with sophisticated sensors enabling all-weather, round-the-clock operations.

A notable feature of the Ajax programme is the inclusion of the first British vehicle equipped with the Case Telescoped 40mm Cannon (CT-40 Cannon). This innovative cannon, a result of UK-France collaboration, is capable of firing various ammunition types, including High Explosive, Armour Piercing, and Training rounds. The non-turreted versions of the Ajax are equipped with a versatile Remote Weapon Station (RWS), capable of mounting different calibres of machine guns and grenade launchers.


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General Dynamics Land Systems–UK is at the forefront of delivering 589 Ajax vehicles across these six variants to the British Army. The initial delivery commenced in February 2019, with the full fleet expected to be operational by 2025.



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