Bulgarian Armed Forces select WB Group’s TOPAZ system

By Defence Industry Europe

The Bulgarian Armed Forces have chosen the Integrated Combat Management System (ICMS) TOPAZ, developed by the Polish company WB Group. TOPAZ was designed to provide commanders at every level with situational awareness and full control over the battlefield.

WB Electronics, a leading company within the WB Group, has signed a contract to deliver the TOPAZ to the Bulgarian Armed Forces. The delivery of this BMS (Battlefield Management System) solution is expected to be completed within a few months, marking the introduction of the TOPAZ system into the Bulgarian Army.

The Bulgarian Armed Forces were particularly interested in the modules developed for artillery units, similar to the implementation of the system in the country’s rocket and artillery forces, as well as other foreign users. TOPAZ system will support the exchange of data obtained from the artillery radar systems.

TOPAZ ICMS serves not only for fire control but also to support tactical operations on the battlefield. It can be integrated with various types of reconnaissance and strike assets, including both reconnaissance and strike unmanned systems.

Experiences gained from the operation of the  TOPAZ ICMS, including under combat conditions, have led to its expansion with functionalities related to command and control, logistics support, guidance of precision ammunition strikes, as well as radar, optoelectronic, and acoustic reconnaissance.



One of the key features of the TOPAZ system is its modularity and scalability. This entirely Polish-developed solution can be configured to manage the battlefield at different tactical levels. The catalog of integration packages includes all WB Group products and key sensors from global manufacturers, such as inertial navigation systems, battlefield radars, and optoelectronic reconnaissance assets.

The TOPAZ system modules enable the use of various radio and satellite communication means, as well as wired and wireless broadband communication, to support planning at higher command levels.


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