Chemring Energetics UK to produce the key components of NLAW system

Source: Chemrin Group

Chemring announced that its UK subsidiary, Chemring Energetics UK, has received an order valued at £43m for the delivery of critical components used in the Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon system (“NLAW”). This award follows the £229m contract that was placed on SAAB by the UK Ministry of Defence in December 2022.

With some of the components required to fulfil this order having long lead times, the Group expects to see deliveries under this contract commencing in 2024 and continuing into 2025 and 2026.

“This significant award maintains and strengthens Chemring’s position in the specialist materials and propellants market, which is seeing increased levels of activity as customers re-evaluate their requirements  for conventional defence capabilities resulting from the evolving threat environment,” said Michael Ord, CEO of Chemring. “Building on our already strong order book this contract increases visibility in our Countermeasures & Energetics segment for FY24 and beyond,” he added.

As Defence Industry Europe reported, in December 2022, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence signed a contract with Saab for the NLAW.



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