Clavister to supply Cyber Armour for the CV90 combat vehicles

Source: Clavister, Defence Industry Europe

Clavister, a leader in European cybersecurity for mission-critical applications, announced that it has been awarded a contract worth SEK 170 million to supply BAE Systems Hägglunds the Clavister Cyber Armour system for its CV90 platform, for two European end-customers.


With the new contract, announced as in negotiation phase on September 15 2023, BAE Systems Hägglunds is procuring Clavister Cyber Armour, an integrated defence cybersecurity system, for the CV90 platform, to be used in deployments with two European end-customers. The value of the contract is SEK 170 million and will be carried out over five years following prototype and first-of-type deliveries taking place in 2024.

BAE Systems Hägglunds, part of BAE Systems – Europe’s largest and the world’s third largest defence contractor – designs and produces the CV90, a family of infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) ranked as the most successful IFVs in Europe, with several recent major contract wins. The most recent version of the CV90 is a highly digitalised platform, where advanced cyber protection is a significant capability to protect the vehicle and its crew from sophisticated cyber attacks and ensure continued operation on the battlefield.

The new contract between Clavister and BAE Systems Hägglunds consists of development of an extended and upgraded product, series deliveries of that product as well as professional services to support BAE Systems Hägglunds with design, integration and validation of the solution.


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The upgraded product is a powerful military grade security gateway, which is designed to form an integral part of the electronics and communication architecture in highly digitalised defence platforms. Compared to existing products in the Cyber Armour product family, the new product offers more connectivity, better in-field serviceability as well as a higher performance-to-cost ratio. The development of the new Cyber Armour product has recently commenced and will be ready for deliveries during 2024. The series deliveries of the product will start in 2025 and continue for a period of five years.

John Vestberg, CEO of Clavister: “We are delighted to conclude this major milestone in our long-standing relationship with BAE Systems Hägglunds. The CV90 is an incredibly powerful vehicle, proving its superiority over and again. We are proud of being part of this success journey, and excited to see that the market continues to evolve with more and more nations adopting a modern cyber-defence strategy”.



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