Croatia orders RGW90 HH from Dynamit Nobel Defence

By Defence Industry Europe

The German company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) has been awarded a contract by the Croatian Ministry of Defence to manufacture and deliver RGW90 HH (HEAT/HESH), including associated training systems, the company announced on October 26.


This equipment package represents a comprehensive initial operational capability for anti-tank engagement with this shoulder-launched asset. Croatia thus joins the rapidly growing user group of the RGW90 family.



“Dynamit Nobel Defence is delighted with the order received and honored to become a new and reliable partner of the Croatian Ministry of Defence in the field of shoulder-launched weapons. We are confident that the RGW90 family can decisively support the operational value of the infantry fighting units of the Croatian Armed Forces,” DND said in a statement.



According to DND, the RGW90 HEAT/HESH is an anti-tank and multi-purpose version of the well-known and successful RGW90 series. With high penetration performance against armored vehicles as well as multi-purpose capability against structures and light targets, it is a true “multitool” in shoulder-launched armament and is used by numerous European and international forces.



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