Cubic to provide United Kingdom Ministry of Defence with Light Gun Simulation System

Source: Cubic

Cubic Defense announced a two-year contract award with the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence for the Light Gun Simulation System (LGSS). With Cubic’s system to be primarily used by the Royal School of Artillery, the contract’s flexibility also gives the British Army the ability to expand the scope to allow all units of the Royal Artillery, both regular and reserve, to use the LGSS in camp or in collective training.


“Cubic is honored to support the U.K. Ministry of Defense’s Royal School of Artillery with our LGSS that furnishes the British Army’s Light Gun users with a fully immersive training system,” said Cubic Defense President Paul Shew. “When integrated into collective training, LGSS allows formations to train in the orthodoxy of coordinating artillery fires and maneuver, and feedback data is available for after-action review. Overall, this will reduce the speed-to-user competency and improve operational readiness.”


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“The LGSS is a full-task trainer that appends to the in-service Light Gun enabling units to prepare for operations and live firing in camp, in the field or the federated training environment,” said Mark Graper, vice president of Cubic Defense Global Solutions.

Cubic’s LGSS replicates all drills associated with firing a Light Gun by providing emulated ammunition, fuses and charges for all natures that require all the correct drills to be carried out when dry training. The system is fully interoperable with Cubic’s Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training system (aka SCOPIC) and their Tactical Engagement System (TES), as well as others.



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