DEFEA 2023: Elbit Systems to present range of modern solutions

Source: Elbit Systems, Defence Industry Europe

Elbit Systems will participate at the DEFEA exhibition in Athens, Greece between 9-11th of May 2023 and exhibit a wide range of products and systems at its booth with both visual and interactive displays.

Elbit Systems views the display of its state-of-the-art portfolio of solutions at stand in Hall 2 stand B2 at DEFEA as an important contribution to the strengthening of its relationships with Greece, NATO and Europe. The war in Ukraine has highlighted the increasing releavance of our solutions to the European Market. In 2022 Elbit Systems reported a 40% increase in sales to European countries. As a reflection of the growing demand, the Company will display a range of cutting edge technological solutions that can be customized to the customers’ requirements.

Elbit has recently completed a significant joint milestone with the Greek Airforce with the upcoming arrival of two of the M-346 aircraft for the International Flight Training Center in Kalamata as well as the completion of the training infrastructure including 5th Generation simulators for the center. More details regarding the landing of the M-346 will be announced in the coming days.


Aerial & Ground Precision Guided Munitions

Elbit Systems will display a portfolio of highly accurate rockets including the 40km Accular, 150km EXTRA and 300km Predator Hawk. Also on display will be the GATR (Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket), REST (Range Extension and Smart Tail) guidance kit for general purpose warheads and SPEAR fully autonomous, vehicle-mounted 120mm soft recoil mortar system for high-mobility platforms. The Precise & Universal Launching System, PULS, capable of launching a range of rockets and missiles, as well as local and foreign made rockets will also be on display.

The Company offers state-of-the-art combat proven General Purpose Bombs, delivering advanced capabilities with configurations for 500, 1000, and 2000-pound advanced warheads. The MPR Family bombs feature concentrated blast and controlled fragmentation for high strike probability with minimal collateral damage against a wide range of ground targets in open terrain.


Unmanned Aerial Systems – UAS

A model Skylark 3 tactical mini UAS has up to six hours endurance and with a range of 100km it  delivers ISTAR capabilities to the division, brigade and battalion levels. Battle-proven, the Skylark 3 has an electric engine and enables performance of ongoing covert operations and provides real-time intelligence during the day or night. The SkyStriker UAS fully autonomous loitering munitions (LM) can locate, acquire and engage operator designated targets with a flexible warhead of up to 10 Kg installed inside the fuselage, enabling high-precision performance.  The UAS operator can also abort the mission and recover the UAS. Its electric propulsion generates a low acoustic signature. As a silent, invisible, and surprise attacker, SkyStriker delivers high performance precision and reliability, providing a critical advantage on the modern battlefield.


Airborne Solutions

Elbit Systems will showcase the SkyTouch end-to-end, multifunctional Planning, Command and Control solution. The SkyTouch gathers and analyzes vast amounts of data to create a complete and accurate aerial Common Operational Picture that can be distributed to the entire chain of command- to increase threat-detection probability and enable optimal real-time operational response. The Helmet Display and Tracking System family (HDTS) features enhanced situational awareness capabilities including color symbology and Line-of-Sight technology for improved mission effectiveness and survivability. The solution can be installed on any helicopter, Eastern and Western, and is in  operation on thousands of helicopters, accumulating over 2.5million operational hours on different platforms. BrightNite unique night vision pilotage solution that overcomes visibility limitations and enable to safely and effectively fly mission helicopters in pitch dark nights and in DVE conditions including poor weather conditions, brownouts, whiteouts and sandstorms; Xplore Airborne Imaging RADAR DVE terrain and obstacle mapping that allows pilots to perform missions in full degraded visibility environments and in GPS denied areas. Fully compatible with the HMDS, the low-cost solution improves situational awareness and flight safetly and improves mission success probability.



Advanced EW & SIGINT Solutions

With advanced solutions for land, sea and air, Elbit Systems will display a number of passive and active solutions including:

The ReDrone operational counter-UAS defense solution against all drone types. Designed for military, paramilitary, homeland security and civilian uses, ReDrone provides complete, multi-layered, multi-mission, and operationally-proven protection against the full spectrum of UAS threats across a wide range of scenarios. A unique set of seamlessly-integrated countermeasures detects, identifies, classifies, locates, tracks, neutralizes, manipulates and defeats multiple threats simultaneously, in urban and rural environments, day and night and in all weather conditions. The mini-Music is the smallest and most advanced system with a powerful laser for small to medium helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. The compact, lightweight system has a powerful fiber laser for efficient operation and a thermal camera for accurate acquisition and tracking.

The Spectro multi-spectral electro-optical payload that is suitable for today’s operational complexity. The lightweight playload system provides continuous target scanning capabilities for enhanced situational awareness and is designed for day-and-night and all weather extended-range surveillance.  The DAiR multi-mission 3D tactical radar can simultaneously detect and classify thousands of targets in the area of various sizes and velocities, in the air, on land and at sea including humans, small quadcopters, aircrafts, helicopters, UAV and artillery. The lightweight mobile tactical radar is a leading solution for air situational awareness, border security missions and maneuvering tactical forces. The company will also display the Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) Pod and the COAPS-L stabilized panoramic sights that provide and day night target dection, acquisition and tracking capabilities using high-end sensors and advanced AI/ML video-analytics.



C4I & Cyber Demo Room

E-LynX radios are a key enabler of networked warfare capabilities and deployed at group and platoon levels and installed on board various combat vehicles. The E-LynX radios are capable of dynamic and autonomous optimization and enable fast, resilient and secure communications in any terrain; The GRX-8000 high capacity and frequency hopping LOS radio system for tactical .communication with advanced electronic counter-measures for secured, interference-free communications and jamming immunity.

The THOR mini UAS is a fully autonomous military tactical mule platform designed for a wide range of military operational applications and reconnaissance missions. The powerful platform that can carry a payload of up to 10kg is foldable and stored in a backpack, for easy deployment in less than two minutes, is suitable for operation in urban areas as well as in marine zones.The Magni-X micro-UAS is a military fully autonomous multi-rotor platform, developed to provide the most advanced close-range observation system. Though suited for a wide range of missions and applications, the Magni-X is specially designed for Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) and for the urban arena, providing day and night intelligence imagery powered by advanced AI algorithms for tactical combat units. The HattoriX next generation fire support and intelligence solution for dismounted forces is designed to shorten the sensor-to-shooter cycle while engaging fire effectively and accurately. Tailor made for customer’s specific requirements, the HattoriX enables the integration of various electro-optics, LRF, designators, C4i, radar, radio and more.



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