Elbit Systems wins USD 135 million contract to establish artillery ammunition factory

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company Elbit Systems was awarded a USD 135 million contract to establish an artillery ammunition factory for an international customer. The contract will be performed over a period of two years.


This contract will leverage the significant technical and operational knowledge that Elbit Systems has accumulated, as well as decades of ammunition production experience. Elbit Systems builds and operates ammunition factories and production lines in multiple sites. The company’s experience covers the entire product cycle, from design to production, as well as maintenance and after-sales support.



Yehuda (UDI) Vered, GM of Elbit Systems Land, said that there is a growing demand from governments around the world interested in enhancing their ammunition production facilities.

In modern battlefield challenges, the aim of advanced artillery is to improve the effect on targets while minimizing the logistic footprint. Elbit Systems’ battle-proven precision artillery ammunition with long-range capabilities includes highly effective extended-range High-Explosive (HE) and Super-High Explosive (S-HE) projectiles, and advanced charge systems for 155mm gun-firing systems with 39, 45, and 52 caliber barrels.


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One of Elbit’s special artillery ammunitions is the M454 (Super HE), a unique solution based on a pre-fragmented drogue parachute warhead. The M454 is designed to detonate at an optimum height above the target. The S-HE 155mm artillery projectile is five times more effective against infantry and light-armored vehicles (LAV) compared to standard HE projectiles. The M454 is compatible with all 155mm NATO 39, 45, and 52 caliber guns, with a maximum range of 22–28 km depending on caliber.


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