Estonia, in cooperation with Iceland, donates fourth field hospital to Ukraine

Source: Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI)

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) announces the dispatch of a fourth field hospital to Ukraine, in a joint effort with Iceland, to aid Ukraine in Russia’s aggression war. This contribution is further bolstered by Germany’s donation of twelve trucks and ten trailers, specifically for the transport of the hospital.


Ats Janno, Head of ECDI’s Project Office, expressed satisfaction with the rapid and effective response to Ukraine’s specific request. “The provision of the fourth field hospital stands as our commitment to assisting Ukraine in establishing a vital medical infrastructure to enhance care for those impacted by the war.”



Captain Hele-Reet Lille, from the Centre for War and Disaster Medicine of Estonian Military Academy, underscored the frontline necessity for a medical unit capable of stabilizing critical patients, offering emergency surgeries, and providing intensive care. “Medics on the front line need a unit that can stabilize serious casualties, perform initial life-saving surgery, and provide intensive care capabilities. In addition, the existence of a field hospital allows for essential tests and analyses, which help to make treatment decisions. The capability to produce and bottle oxygen is no less important,” said Lille.

Mr. Janno acknowledged the incremental knowledge gained with each field hospital donation, fostering continuous enhancements. “This latest contribution reflects the culmination of feedback from Ukraine and our own accrued experience, yielding an exceptionally equipped set in collaboration with the hospital manufacturer and the medical centre of the defence forces.”



The comprehensive donation features eight medical containers, each serving a unique function ranging from emergency medicine to intensive care, complete with a storage unit and a sanitation module, including necessary medical equipment, barring pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

“Field hospitals previously donated have withstood the tests of conflict, validating Estonia’s capability to provide such specialized aid,” Captain Lille remarked, adding that this experience is a two-way street enriching both Estonian and Ukrainian medical military operations.

Germany’s contribution includes twelve 8×8 trucks, ten trailers, and a crane, with eight trucks modified in Estonia to accommodate the hospital modules.

This field hospital, sourced from the Estonian defence forces’ inventory, is generously replaced through full funding by Iceland, representing a significant investment of 7.4 million euros in humanitarian aid.



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