European Union supports Ukraine with substantial artillery ammunition deliveries

By Defence Industry Europe

The European Union has delivered 223,800 artillery rounds and mortar mines to Ukraine, marking the initial phase of a comprehensive plan aimed at supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine with one million shells, EU spokesman Peter Stano said on Friday.

In addition to the artillery rounds and mortar mines, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received 2,300 missiles of varying types.


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The plan, implemented after the EU’s earlier commitment to increase the supply of artillery shells to Ukraine, involves a two-billion-euro scheme that combines existing stockpiles and joint orders. The goal is to provide Ukraine with a million 155mm artillery shells within a year.

The first phase of the plan allotted one billion euros to reimburse EU members for roughly half the cost of shells sourced from different member states’ warehouses.



The European Commission’s approval of an act in May supported the production and urgent shipment of ammunition to Ukraine and restocking EU supplies. A collaborative project aims to bolster ammunition production within the EU, allocating €500 million from the EU budget for this purpose. The funds will support the expansion of manufacturing capacities for artillery shells and missiles to aid both Ukraine and EU member states.




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