Finnish defence exports surge by 70% in 2022

By Defence Industry Europe

In 2022, the Finnish Ministry of Defence recorded a 70% increase in defence exports. A total of 342 licences were issued, including 269 licences for permanent exports and transfers of defence materiel to 47 countries. Additionally, 63 licences were issued for introductory, warranty, and service exports. The cumulative value of the permanent export and transfer licences reached EUR 119 million, the Finnish Ministry of Defence said in a press release.

When analyzing exports by region, European countries emerged as the primary destination for Finnish defence products. Among individual countries, Sweden, the United States, and France secured the highest number of licences. In the case of Sweden, most transfer licences were related to ammunition for official use. Precision rifles and their accessories accounted for approximately 29% of the total value of granted licences.

According to the Finnish Ministry of Defence, the actual exports in 2022 amounted to EUR 125 million, reflecting a significant 70% increase compared to the previous year. The top three export destinations were Latvia, Norway, and Estonia. Notably, exports to Latvia primarily involved ground vehicles. Geographically, the majority of exports took place within the European Union, with Europe accounting for nearly 90% of all exports.

It is important to note that the annual report on defence materiel exports focuses exclusively on commercial exports and does not encompass information regarding defence materiel assistance provided by Finland to Ukraine within the framework of international aid. Nevertheless, Finland issued 14 licences for commercial exports to Ukraine.



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