France to supply Armed Forces of Ukraine with new batch of Aster missiles

By Defence Industry Europe

France has committed to providing Ukraine with a new batch of Aster anti-aircraft missiles for the SAMP/T air defence system, Sébastien Lecornu, the French Minister of the Armed Forces, announced on Tuesday.


“I can perhaps announce to you that I have just signed a second batch of Aster missiles precisely to allow the SAMP/T that we gave with our Italian partners to continue to operate since we are talking of intercepting Russian missiles that can attack Kyiv,” Lecornu stated.

Details regarding the number of missiles and the supply schedule were not disclosed. The MBDA arms group, responsible for the production of these missiles, is working to expedite the manufacturing process.

Lecornu assured that cooperation with MBDA has enabled France to supply Ukraine with necessary defence resources without depleting its own military reserves. This move is crucial as the situation on the Ukrainian front line remains tense, with Russian forces attempting to exploit delays in US aid delivery.



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