Georgia signs contract for Piorun man-portable air defence systems

By Defence Industry Europe

On January 12, the Georgian Ministry of Defence has inked a new agreement with the Polish defence company Mesko, a subsidiary of the state-owned defence conglomerate PGZ, for air defence systems.


While the Georgian Ministry did not reveal specific details of the agreement or the exact air defence systems covered, industry sources in Poland indicate that Mesko currently offers only one product in this category: the Piorun man-portable air defence system (MANPADS). The Piorun system is a weapon proven in the high-intensity conflict in Ukraine.



The Georgian Armed Forces are already familiar with Polish-produced MANPADS. In 2007, Georgia ordered from Mesko 30 launchers and 100 missiles of the Grom man-portable air defence system, with deliveries completed in 2008, just days before the war with Russia. Official reports state that the Georgian Armed Forces successfully used the Grom system to shoot down several Russian aircraft and helicopters during the conflict.


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The Piorun air defence system is an upgraded version of the Grom system, incorporating key improvements. It has garnered significant international interest, with several countries, including the United States, Estonia, Norway, Latvia, and Moldova, signing contracts for this weapon system. Additionally, Poland has donated an unspecified number of Piorun systems to Ukraine.

Furthermore, the Armed Forces of Lithuania also operate the Grom systems.



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