Germany: first satellite of SARah system enters service in Bundeswehr

This week, the operational part of the German national reconnaissance system SARah began with the phased array subsystem. This means that the first of a total of three satellites in the constellation is already in partial use and transmitting data to the ground stations belonging to the system. The phased array subsystem was realised by Airbus Defence and Space in Immenstaad as the main subcontractor. The entire SARah system is being realised by the prime contractor OHB System in Bremen.


The first satellite was launched on 18 June 2022 with a Falcon 9 launcher, reached its target orbit shortly afterwards and successfully passed the verification of its performance. The German Federal Armed Forces can now integrate this satellite into their military reconnaissance activities in addition to their current five SAR-Lupe satellites from OHB.

The SARah satellites represent an improved global and weather-independent reconnaissance capability for the German Federal Armed Forces.



The two SARah radar satellites realized by OHB are currently close to completion and will also be launched into their target orbit in the near future. These are based on a further development of the reflector technology of the SAR-Lupe constellation. SAR-Lupe is the Federal Armed Forces’ first space-based reconnaissance system and has been operated by OHB System in cooperation with OHB Digital Connect for 15 years.



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