Germany provides 35,000 troops to boost NATO’s deterrence and defence

Source: Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), Defence Industry Europe

Germany is to provide 35,000 troops from 2025 to boost NATO's deterrence and defence, Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said on Thursday.


The German minister’s announcement is linked to new defence plans adopted at the NATO summit in Vilnius in July.

They were drawn up against the backdrop of Russia’s war in Ukraine and are intended to better prepare the military alliance for worst-case scenarios such as an attack on a NATO member, either by Russia or a terrorist group.


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The secret documents, numbering 4,000 pages, describe in detail how critical locations on NATO territory should be protected by deterrence, and defended in an emergency.

Up to 300,000 NATO troops and equipment are to be earmarked for rapid deployment from their home countries to a specific territory or country.

Up to now, NATO’s 40,000-strong Response Force (NRF) has been the main force for rapid crisis operations.

Germany is also to make available around 200 aircraft and other key assets for rapid deployment, Pistorius said.

About 4,000 German soldiers are to be permanently stationed in Lithuania.

Pistorius previously said that Germany has a twin responsibility under the new plans: serving as a logistical hub for the deployment of troops and material, while improving defence capabilities on NATO’s eastern flank.


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The German defence minister spoke as he arrived at the second day of a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels.

On Thursday, NATO ministers will also be briefed by their Israeli counterpart, Yoav Gallant, on the situation in his country by video link.

Defence chiefs are also to discuss the alliance’s involvement in Kosovo, where the presence of NATO troops was recently increased after tensions mounted between Kosovo and Serbia.



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