Germany to enhance Ukrainian air defence with new aid package

By Defence Industry Europe

The German Ministry of Defence has announced a new defence aid package for Ukraine, valued at EUR 1 billion. Berlin's objective is to bolster the air defence capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and provide measures to effectively safeguard critical infrastructure.


This new EUR 1 billion military support package includes an additional fire unit of the PATRIOT air and missile defence system, IRIT-S SLM and SLS systems. According to the German Ministry of Defence, as part of this package, Berlin will also supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with an additional batch of Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns.

The ministry specified that the fire unit of the PATRIOT air and missile defence system will be transferred directly to the Ukrainian military from the resources of the German Armed Forces. This fire unit will comprise one radar, eight launchers, and likely more than 60 air defence missiles, as stated by Berlin.


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The German Ministry of Defence further indicated that the Ukrainian military will receive a third fire unit of the IRIS-T SLM and the second IRIS-T SLM air defence system, along with missiles, in October.

In addition to this, Germany will provide equipment support to Ukrainian Special Operation Forces, including vehicles, small arms, and personal equipment valued at EUR 20 million.



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